The Sound Of Identity Film Production Team.


Moving beyond “process” films, Director James Kicklighter brilliantly captures the essence of life after emotional and physical transition for the trans community, in The Sound Of Identity.
Working with Director of Photography Jonathan Pope, the two used interview techniques and locations that visually connect audiences to each person on film. The Sound Of Identity is an artistic expression fusing art with the progress of humanity.  
Each scene is imbued with emotive elements designed to empower viewers with a sense of self, understanding, and progress. 
The Sound Of Identity features a cinematic, almost narrative-esque, filmic approach to the production, with cinematography matching compositing. Kicklighter was intentional and specific in the way things were planned and put together, utilizing opulence in framing, rich color texturing, avoiding an overly glossy look. Overall, filming was handled in a more poetic fashion emulating the world of opera, rather than utilizing a gritty, handheld look found in other types of documentaries. Elegance is a great word to describe this project.

Producer Russ Kirkpatrick & Executive Producer Andy Kinslow are thrilled to be joined by Executive Producer Josh Bachove in this timely and important story.

The team is rounded out by legal representation from Reineke Law, Oklahoma City/Los Angeles, Deena Kalai, PLLC, Austin/New York, and the marketing firms of PMK BNC, New York, and Resolute PR, Tulsa.

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